Ooh la la! Make your makeup more sexy by wearing a darkand intense lip shade that will make your next event go by storm. A swipe of one of the dark shade of lipstick keeps you looking hot, even in the colder months but that's not for those who aren't confident. Although it's very intimidating and sexy at first but when you do finally put on it, you realize you've done everything you can to brighten up your dull day. From deep red lipsticks to deep purple lipstick these lipstick shades will put a smile an end to the darker side of makeup obsession. Prepare for your personal magical charm!

8 Top Dark Lipstick Shades to Let You Stand Out

It's time to decorate your gorgeous container with dark lipstick. Based on the science of color psychology shades of dark lipstick can help women feel confident and confident in all walks through her day. So we've narrowed down several of the top shades of dark lipsticks to help you start. Pick your favorite.

Alert Red Alert

Make a statement by wearing a red that's beautiful and strong! This beautiful shade will plump your pout. Moringa oil and Vitamin-E lock in moisture, giving a matte look.

Purple Haze

#KissProof #TransferProof #SmudgeProof. Yes, you read it right. It's not necessary to be concerned about the need to touch-up after lunch with your girlfriends because this tube is kiss-proof. This tube is the ideal combination of durability and the smoothest appearance you've had.


If you've already put your toes into darker shades and are looking to increase the drama choose an Amazon shade. The liquid lipstick is extremely colored and mattes to create an unweighty velour that sits on your lips.

Rustic Brown

This dark-brown lipstick perfect for women who travel around the world, with a trail of fascination to follow. With every swipe of this classic lipstick it is possible to build up your lips with a richness. With middle up to full cover that is buildable, it provides an extremely luxurious matte finish that has a lovely soft texture.

You Do Blue

If you've seen your fair share of plums and pinks, opt for a bright blue instead. Because it's such a unique hue, we're sure that whatever the occasion, everyone's attention will be focused on you. This matte colour is also kiss proof transfer proof and smudge proof. What else could you need?

How To Pick Dark Lipstick As Per Your Skin Tone?

Are you having trouble to find the perfect shade of lipstick to match your skin shade? Fret not! We've got you covered.

Dark Lipstick for fair skin tone

Although a skin with a milky tone is typically more manageable make sure you give your skin tone a fair chance and try something new. The wine lips of this season are very cool. You can also choose darker shades, like fiery purples and smoky reds!

Lipstick for Medium Skin Tone. Dark Lipstick For Medium Tone Skin

Pink is a popular color at the moment, but a lot of Indian girls are of the opinion that they will not look good in brighter colors. Try brown, really maroon, berry and purple lipsticks. We suggest.

Dark Lipstick for Dusky Skin Tone

Colors with a lighter tone than the skin must be avoided. It can make you appear exhausted. Instead from boring blacks, browns, and naked choose something that is more vibrant!

Tips to Apply Shades of Dark Lipstick Shades

Dark lipsticks are famous for showing dry lips. Applying moisturizing balms can be the initial step towards getting the dark shade.

Opt for lip liner that has the same shade as the lipstick.

Select dark shades that have blue undertones, if you do not want your teeth appear yellow. The blue undertones will highlight the glamor of your stunning whites.

The process of exfoliating your lips using a moderate lip scrub regularly can also give you a an even, smoother and neater look.

Before applying the lipstick shade, you should neutralize the colour of your natural lips using a small amount on concealer, or foundation to ensure the most effective colour coverage.

Blot your freshly colored lips using a tissue if you don't want the color appears too dark. This can help reduce the saturation.

You can always count on glosses for your lips for lips that are thinner and don't want the darker shade making them appear larger. Applying gloss on the center of your pout creates a the appearance of a natural fuller pout.

The wrong shade of dark lipstick can make you appear tired. So, before you commit to any dark lipsticks that you have in your makeup bag it is important to determine if the shade will make your skin appear more radiant or duller.